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DrSmart - Hospital Management

Dr.Smart is an unique software solution aimed at managing patients information, appointments, prescriptions,insurace.hospitalisation record such as admission,treatment and discharge.




Private Clinic


        Supports Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server as a repository database.
        Multi Country, multi Branch management.
        Very user friendly.
        Data security (Software level and Database level )

  For Clinic (OPD). Manage
         Doctors time slot.
      Patient registration,medical history.
        Patient insurance information.
        Patient photo ID and Insurance card save as an image.
        Patient appointment ,prescription ,history.
        Priscription templates 
        Patient Progress Queue 
        Automated Bill Generation.
        Automated SMS/Email Reminders.
        Mark Availibility/NonAvailibility for doctor schedule
        Bulk Appointment generation for Therapy Schedule
        Upload X-Ray image and mark body chart image.


   For Hospital (IPD), Manage     



         TPA Records.
       Room Aminities .
        Room Categories.
        Room Specification and rate.
        Patient Admission record.
        Patient Treatment record.
        Patient Billing record.
        Patient Discharge record.

          Employee Salary,Title,Benefit,Deduction,Tax,Payslip record.


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Credit amount.
        Debit amount.
        Absent staff.
        Staff attendance.
        Staff vacation.
        Patient admissions.
        Patient discharge.
        Room Availability.
        Admitted Patient information.


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