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FourSquare - Hotel Management

 Four Square is an unique software solution aimed at managing Front Office Operation including Guest information, Checkin Records, Room Service Records, House Keeping , Advance Booking, CForm , Billing etc..



        Hotel / Restaurant
        Lodge / Motel


        Supports Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server as a repository database.
        Multi Country, multi Branch management.
        Very user friendly.
        Data security (Software level and Database level )

 FrontDesk Manage         

       Guest registration.                   
       Guest Corporate Rate (if applicable).  
        CForm ( if applicable). 
        Guest photoID save as an image.
        Advance Booking.       
       Room Service.
       House keeping.
       Room Chart to view available/booked/under maintenance rooms.  


   For Hotel , Manage
        Employee record.
        Salary,Title,Benefit,Deduction and Tax record.
        Generate and save payslip record.
        Timesheet and work assignment record.
        Room Aminities.
        Room Categories.
        Room Specification and rate.


   View What`s Today
        Credit amount.
        Debit amount.
        Absent staff.
        Staff attendance.
        Staff vacation.
        Guest Checked In.
        Guest Checked Out.
        House Keeping Done.
        Room Availability.
        Staying Guest information.


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