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MaiChMon - Database Maintenance & Monitoring

Database Monitoring and Maintenance Scheduler
Monitor Database Activities , Database Resources, Database Growth, Schema Changes, Latency, Unix Jobs, Windows Jobs and Automate Database Maintenance jobs like Update Statistics, Index Rebuild, DBCC etc.
supports: Oracle Server,Sybase ASE, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Replication Server.


  Use any of the RDBMS for repository database (Oracle,Sybase,MS-SQL Server).
   Define seperate groups and server environment like PROD,QA etc .
   Password is stored in encripted format (Secured).
   Define only one job and run across multiple servers.
   Define holiday calendar for multiple countries .
   Monitor network activities.
   Monitor CPU resources.
   Generate DDLs for schema objects.
   Get to know server/database/user level changes are made.
     like Paswword Changes, Database Size Changes, Configuration Changes etc.
   Automate database backup and restore.
   Automate export/import.
   Automate maintenance activities like index rebuild / update statistics etc.
   Automate file clean_up.
   Monitor server health.
   Monitor cron job changes.

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