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Schoolstar - School Management


 - Use Oracle, Sybase , MS SQL Server as a repository database.
 - Dual layer data security (software and database level).
 - Support for Barcode operation.
 - Multiuser , Networking Support.
 - User Level Module access.
 - One Click Database backup facility.


 Standard Version   

   Student Registration
     Personal Details
     Family Details
     Contact Details
     Fess Details
     ID Card
  Student Attendance
  Student Fees Collection
  Class Time Table
  Exam Time Table
  Employee Record
  Employee Attendance

Professional Version
  Standard Version +
  Employee Salary Record
  Employee Vacation Record
  Employee Payslip
  Employee Tax Deductions
  Employee Benefits
  Inventory Management
  Account Management
  School Bus Management
  Library Management.
  Hostel Management.

 - Easy to maintain and simple to understand.
 - Very user-friendly software and with help button on every module .


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